Rigid Seat Belt Buckle Cover
Rigid Seat Belt Buckle Cover


Rigid Seat Belt Buckle Cover

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Give those seat belts a stylish makeover! Our buckle covers make buckling up quick and easy. Our plastic buckle covers keep seat belts in position, in addition to hiding belt bolts and lower anchoring mounts. Our buckle strap cover makes finding your buckle quick and easy so it never falls under your seat! Black plastic cover can be painted to match your interior.

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Material :: Plastic
Feature :: Keep Seat Belts In Position
Feature :: Paintable Cover
Installation :: Easy with Basic Tools
Length :: 11.5”
Width :: 2”
Depth :: 0.5”
Warranty :: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Our universal seat belts are designed to replace your outdated, worn out or damaged seat belts. They are high quality aftermarket products, and are designed using today's modern technology. As such these are not direct factory replacements and may require adapter brackets or other parts to complete the installation. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is this a factory belt?
A. No, old factory belts were not designed with todays advanced CAD technology. Our belts are designed with CAD technology. 
Q. Will this mount in my factory location?
A. Yes / No. It depends on your vehicle. In many cases you can mount this unit using OEM hardware and in the OEM location. However in some cases you will need an adapter bracket or some minor fabrication to complete the installation. 
Q. Do all aftermarket belts require the same installation?
A. Yes, in most cases all aftermarket belts will be installed the same way. As such all brands of belts will require the potential same brackets and custom fabrication. 
Q. I have aftermarket belts in my car now. Will yours bolt in?
A. Yes in most cases, since all aftermarket belts mount the same. 
Q. What's the difference between factory OEM belts and your belts?
A. In many older cars factory belts do not meet todays standards. Our belts are designed for better operation and adaptive installation.
Q. I am a big guy, will your belts give me more room than factory?
A. Yes, in most cases these belts have additional webbing for more room for larger people.
Q. I see you listed my vehicle in your fitment. Does this mean it replaces my factory belt?
A. Yes it will replace your factory belt. However you may need to purchase additional brackets or do some custom modification to mount the belt.

All safetboy seat belts

209 & 302 FMVSS Certified

Push Button or Airplane Lift Buckle

Polyester Material

Extra Thick Webbing

Heavy Duty Construction

Easy Installation with General Tools

CAD Design

OEM Quality

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Buckle up in style

Choose from Easy Release Push Button Buckle or Airplane Lift Buckle

Easy Release Push Button Buckle
Easy Release Airplane Lift Buckle