3-Point Retractable Lap & Shoulder Seat Belts

3 Point Seat Belt is a safety harness built in a "Y" shaped configuration. It has 3 mounting points. The right lap mount, left lap mount, and a shoulder mount. 3 Point Seat Belts help restrain the chest and shoulder portion of a passenger in a collision.

Retractable 3 Point Seat Belts feature an inertia locking retractor which retracts and stores webbing when the seat belt is not in use. The retractor also stores loose webbing when the seat belt is in use, and provides a snug fit for passenger without being restrictive. Our retractors spool freely under normal use, but lock up immediately when a sharp tug on the webbing engages the centrifugal clutch inside the retractor housing.

Retractable seat belts offer ease of use by not having to adjust the seat belts to fit different passengers or drivers.